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Although on opposing sides of the litigation from papermaker Appleton and NCR, Georgia-Pacific has been providing those companies financial assistance for the federally ordered cleanup of contamination that began in the 1950s when the paper industry began using declined to comment on the court fight’s newest twist.

A carbonless copy paper.Papermaker Appleton and NCR had sought to require unspecified contributions from other paper companies in the region, as well as municipalities and wastewater treatment plant operators.Twelve Mile Creek. The plant discharged PCBs into the river for about 20 years, ending more than 30 years ago.
In a court filing, Georgia-Pacific attorneys asked Griesbach to delay entering his Dec. 16 order until after he rules on a pending countersuit in which Georgia-Pacific asserted that it had incurred costs that should be paid by papermaker Appleton and NCR.

Hermes questioned Georgia-Pacific’s decision to revive its countersuit after previously offering public assurances that the company remained committed to the river cleanup.

A spokesman for NCR One of those other companies, Georgia-Pacific Corp., said Monday it would ask Griesbach to award Georgia-Pacific $80 million in cleanup costs from papermaker Appleton and NCR.
The trustees have said they support funding five projects and list two projects they have not indicated they would fund. Those two are the WEEC and the lake association’s plan to remove the dam. Included in a trustee funding recommendation is an Anderson County proposal to development the Greenpond fishing access area into a tournament fishing site.

The money was set aside as part of a settlement with the company that owned a capacitor plant on a subsidiary of


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