TSV-based 3D

It has recently become visible that printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers have been increasingly applying LSI and MEMS manufacturing technologies to the production of their high-density pcb manufactures.

Especially, they are now proactive in utilizing TSV (through silicon via), a key technology to realize three-dimensionally stacked LSIs, to boost the density of PCBs.

This trend seems to be worth focusing on for manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment as well. A marketing person of a leading LSI manufacturing equipment maker that deals with TSV processing systems even said to me, "I want you to introduce me to PCB manufacturers because they will be our new clients."

Leading pcb manufactures are now developing technologies to apply TSV to PCBs and use it as an interposer, said Jerome Baron of Yole Developpement, a French research company that is researching on trends in the 3D stacked IC technologies and market. Those manufacturers include Ibiden Co Ltd and Shinko Ind Ltd.

Baron will deliver a lecture on trends in the TSV-based 3D stacked IC technologies and market at TSV Technology Conference 2009, which will take place in Shinagawa, Tokyo, April 16.

The application area of LSI and MEMS manufacturing technologies is recently showing a rapid expansion, extending to the packaging and module device (mobile phone camera modules, etc) production. It can probably be said that semiconductor manufacturing technologies have reached the point of covering the entire chip-related industry in the wake of its adoption by PCBs.

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