Fixture building

Gardien is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates with 500 employees in 16 centres in Asia, North America and Europe making the largest service provider in the pcb manufacture industry. Gardien offers an expanding range of tailor-made services to the PCB industry, including electrical and optical testing, fixture building, CAM services and maintenance for a variety of testing equipment. Gardien will soon announce the launch of a powerful new Internet platform, which will allow efficient communication with our customers including order placement, data exchange and order status information.

We are delighted to announce a new name and brand, Gardien, which reflect our core values: Independence, the highest level of customer service and quality assurance. Customers will continue to have complete confidence in Gardien serviced and tested products.A financial investor specialized in turnaround and technology investments, concluded the acquisition of Mania's Outsourcing & Service Businesses in Asia, North America and Europe, following the insolvency of Mania Technologie AG , the PCB testing equipment and service provider.

"With the financial support of its new shareholder, as well as through ESO's industry and restructuring expertise, Gardien is stronger than ever and well positioned to exploit the opportunities created by the current difficult environment," said Jan Lipton CEO of Gardien.

Mania's Outsourcing & Service Business has operated successfully and profitably for over 20 years. Since the acquisition ESO has worked closely with management and provided the resources necessary to complete the group's financial and operational restructuring. The group has a stable customer base, experienced management and employees as well as a strong unlevered balance sheet.

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