Customer needs

"Since the design of thermal management type boards can be problematic, we also offer our customers design counseling services so that their product will come out right the first time" Patel says. "In addition, we perform and provide a thermal analysis for them of their planned designs and provide feedback that helps them ensure proper and efficient function as well as long-term product reliability."

"Our thermal management pcb manufacturer products dissipate heat effectively, keeping components cool which results in increased performance and life. The materials that we use provide outstanding thermal performance with high dielectric strength and low capacitance; in our carefully-engineered constructions, they can eliminate the need for fans, heat sinks and heat spreaders."

Electronic Interconnect Technology (EI) now offers a wide range of printed circuit board materials, constructions and configurations for electronic assemblies requiring heat management characteristics (high-power devices, RF and wireless, lighting/LED boards, etc.). EI has been UL certified for metal-clad PCBs with a standard dielectric, and can work with various thicknesses of aluminum and copper metal cores, offering precise machining tolerances and high-quality fabrication services for effective thermal management and long-term board reliability.

In making the announcement, Pratish Patel, President and CEO, said, "We offer everything from simple to complex multilayer constructions depending on what the customer needs. We use state-of-the-art materials and configurations including the T-lam thermal lamination system, which includes T-Preg thermally conductive dielectric/Prepreg, DSL or double-sided metal core laminate, and IMPCBs, insulated metal printed circuit boards."

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